Movement Is Medicine

July 17, 2017

07 / 17 / 2017

Movement is medicine and science proves it.  Just 30 minutes a day spent sweating at your maximum heart rate of 65% or greater changes everything about you, from your brain to your butt.  And I like, like, like those results.

Most of you know how much I love exercise and that one of my key motivating factors to keep me hitting the gym, no matter what, is my children and now my grand daughter.  I think about the things I’d like to be doing with them when I’m 60, 70, even 120 years old and all of them require my body and my brain.  I have no problem accepting the responsibility incumbent on me, to TAKE CARE OF MYSELF.  

When I started my physique renovation all those years ago, I was a lump, a bump and a frump.  With 85 pounds of unhealthy fat to lose, it required all kinds of movement to change, something I wasn’t used to.  But the more I moved, the more I liked it and the more I liked myself.  There’s something delicious about the pump and flood of feel-good hormones that are released when you train.  Sometimes I feel so damn good when I train, I cry from joy. Yes joy, not pain.  

I learned to love movement simply for the joy of being physical. And because I could.  My stepson, Braden, injured in an automobile accident and robbed of his physicality at the age of 11, could not move.  Anything. His body was frozen.  But he still smiled.  And I took that as fuel to move even more.  I carry him with me now, though he passed away in 2011. I must move because I can and have a responsibility to do so.  

Now I want you to feel that kind of fabulousness when you move.  Choose movement over inertia when you are depressed.  Choose sweating over swearing when life hands you a test.  Choose sprinting, swimming, dancing, cycling, lifting or any other “ing” you can think of and get out there.  Do it. Do it. Do it.  The rewards are countless..  Clarity of mind. Improved tolerance to life.  Better mood.  And dozens more such stunning trophies of wellness.  

Over the course of this month I will be writing about movement; my favourite moves for toning and tightening my butt and core, how I use my body to process thought, why movement is mediation for me, and what happens to our juicy brains when we move.  Bring your heart and your love of wellness along for this ride.  I want to hear from you too.  

For today, commit to moving your gorgeousness for 30 minutes and then write me in the COMMENTS section below, to tell me what you did. Heck, why not send a picture too!

Love to you all,

In wellness (delicious, juicy and abundant wellness),


PS. Comments please!!

Tosca Reno

Author, columnist, motivational speaker, reality TV star, radio personality, consultant, mother and wife, Tosca Reno has been inspiring millions with the Eat Clean™️ Diet series and sharing the success she's had with weight loss and Clean Eating.


  1. Im finding that I feel the same way. Just ended a long term relationshp – and feeling frumpy and down in the dumps. Moving and working to be more physically fit is turning out to be a good thing for the mind as well as the body. At 64 ———— I have about 15 pounds to lose in all the typical places…. Regardless of where it is – I just dont need those fat pounds….. watching your posts and walking with you on the wellness journey. Liking it alot. I love exercise and walk 3 miles per day as a start the day kick off – and then 4 days a week I lift. Life is good

  2. I have a hard time moving some days (rheumatoid arthritis). But I need help. So, I’ll commit to helping myself and move 30 minutes today. A walk on the treadmill (too hot outside) and throw in some hill work. Thanks for your inspiration and education.

  3. Dawn, thank you for your comments. It is my greatest wish to be of service to you and if that is through inspiration then I am grateful it’s working. I know that it is hard to push through an injury. I have been there. But with wise movement choices and keeping your eye on progress, not perfection, you will make it. Warm wishes for wellness, Tosca

  4. Michael Ann, I hear you. This is so common, to have to find a way to move when we are in pain. Keep your movements light but consistent. Walking is excellent. Help your body by ridding yourself of all sugar. You may wish to try a sugar detox – I have a Strike Sugar plan that is an excellent 4 week plan to follow. Once sugar is out of your body you will feel totally renewed. I did this myself – cleaned it out and cleaned up. Warm wishes for wellness, Tosca

  5. JS, thank you. We will continue to walk towards wellness together. I know for sure it is possible to survive and thrive, despite what life throws at us. Let’s stay together girl! Warmth and wellness, Tosca

  6. Movement is definitely my medicine. I have always been super active but I do go through periods where I let life take control and let my workouts slide. When that happens so does my eating. I know that when I am on track with my exercise my eating seems to follow. I also notice that when I get my workouts in first thing in the morning, my day goes way better and my stress is decreased 99%! I also have more patients with my kids and end up getting more activity in because I play with them more as well. I know how important it is to keep active and my 3 girls are also very active in competitive dance and jiu-jitsu. Thank you for always sharing and inspiring.

  7. Movement is such a privilege. So glad you are on board with the magic of moving your physical body. I love!! Each of these self care habits is supportive of the next. When we do one, we do another and so on. It is positive reinforcement that we are worth the trouble of taking care of ourselves. I will continue to fire up the desire for wellness my friend in health and strength. xo Tosca

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