Dieting isn’t working.

Starving isn’t working.

Fad eating trends aren’t working.

The only strategy that works to fuel the body properly and keep it in lean, working condition, is eating more.

Eating more seems, on the first pass, to be the wrong advice to offer when 75% of the population is overweight or obese.  Certainly the message of more is wrong when it comes to the foods that have driven our current obesogenic situation.

Everything we eat or don’t eat, do or don’t do, seems to encourage weight gain.   How can we eat more and remain at an ideal weight?

First we must think of the “what.” What are we eating? More particularly, what are we eating that is making us 30, 50, 150 pounds heavier than is optimal for health?

That’s easy.  We eat far too many processed, Frankenfoods.  Strange word, but effective in describing foods that are scientifically created in a dreamers’ lab to seduce and place you in a state of bliss.

Eating has changed dramatically from the days of porridge to today’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch concoctions, engineered to last long on the shelf, make you euphoric and be easy for parents to prepare.  Traditional food preparation methods have been forgotten, ignored.  Eating today is a thing we must relearn.  It is not simple affair to eat and know what to eat and how it will thus affect you.

This is why Eating Clean®, the way I originally intended it, makes such sense.  Eating Clean means to eat whole, nutrient dense, well-sourced, minimally processed, properly prepared foods.  It’s simple.  Few ingredients.  Little chemistry, other than what nature has placed in her offerings, and more of these.

Have a meal once you arise.  Eat a small snack, within three hours of that one.  Have lunch and pack it with greens and colour to rival a rainbow.  Nibble something three hours later and finish with dinner.  Every meal can then be seen as an opportunity to saturate yourself with nutrients, disease fighting, health sustaining molecules of love.  There is no denying that when you eat this way you feel magnificent.

Visit my site this month for more on eating.  I will give you the history, the health and the whole story.  Glad to have you aboard.

With great love and hopefulness for your wellness,


PS. Please place your comments in the Comments section below. I ‘d love to hear what you’d like to know about food and eating more of it.

PSS.  If you’d like me to create an Eat Clean® menu plan, just for you, join my membership program, and consider it done.

PSS. If you are keen to spend 4 days Eating Clean® with me, exercising with me, and learning with me, in a luxurious, tropical destination, creating memories to last a lifetime, consider a retreat at any of these locations.  It will change your life! I promise.

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