End of Month Reflection

August 2, 2017

08 / 02 / 2017

This month has been about movement for you and for me.  When I think of movement, one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite books, Spark The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, comes to mind;

“… we sometimes lose sight of the fact that the mind, brain, and body all influence one another. In addition to feeling good when you exercise, you feel good about yourself.” 

This month I have been actively moving my body through workouts and longer distance swims, in preparation for the upcoming World Fitness Expo.  A girl needs to look good amongst all those fitness fanatics!!  

I learned a few things and this is my month end wrap up.  Think of this as my Cole’s notes of Movement.

  1. You can’t perform an hour long HIIT class after 2 days of fasting.  Well you can, but it isn’t pretty.  I tried it and I was humbled. I occasionally do a fast to give my digestive organs a break.  There is plenty of science to back up the benefits of such fasting.   But I forgot to take into consideration that my fitness coach, Sue McHardy, enjoys challenging me, with possibly a bit too much glee.  She put me through 4 rounds of an 8 exercise circuit, performed without rest.  I didn’t have much gas in the tank at Round 2 and wondered how I would get through the remaining 2 rounds.  I had to dig deep to get the job done.  Usually I have loads of energy.  I realized, fasting and HIITs don’t mix.  
  2. Getting ready for big events like the Women Who Influence Luncheon, which I’m emceeing this year, or the World Fitness Expo, at which I am appearing, requires a focused approach.  That means I have to think about what I’m eating for several weeks in advance and check that against my training and physique as I go.  I need to be far more focussed and so will finish the rest of the preparation by doing a cleanse.  
  3. I am writing.  Two books.  I have a schedule set up to get the hours in.  Writing is brain heavy work.  It means I have to think, research, emote and be disciplined about my efforts.  To keep the good juices flowing, I get up every hour on the hour and rebound for 5 – 10 minutes.  As the author of Spark states: 

“It turns out that moving our muscles produces proteins that travel through the bloodstream and into the brain, where they play pivotal roles in the mechanisms of our highest thought processes.” 

I couldn’t agree more.

So you see, I’ve been moving a lot.  But I am looking forward to the distance swims I can put in while vacationing next week.  I have been rehabbing my injured shoulders for months now and test drove my stroke at a friend’s cottage recently.  My freestyle feels strong again.  So next week, I will be two longer swims every day. Why? Because I love to move!!  Especially in the water!

Movement is medicine.  I see it that way.  Not punishment, as some view it.  Movement is a privilege and a necessity for optimal wellness.  Revel in what your body can do.  Why not post a pic of you doing your favourite movement?  It might be dance.  Paddleboarding.  Lifting weights or playing outdoors with your kids.  I’d love to see the pics.  Post please in the Comments section below.

Huge love and hugs to you all.


PS.  Post your pics and come see me at the WHI or WFE.  I need hugs from you!

Tosca Reno

Author, columnist, motivational speaker, reality TV star, radio personality, consultant, mother and wife, Tosca Reno has been inspiring millions with the Eat Clean™️ Diet series and sharing the success she's had with weight loss and Clean Eating.

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  1. Thank you my friend. You are always on board! Send a photo to my email address. I think you have it or you can PM me. Much love and hugs, Tosca

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