Dear Friend.

Thank you for this year.  We have travelled far, made some wrong turns and U-turns but mostly we have done well.  Working with you has been a privilege.  It has also been a journey for me.  With every question you asked and obstacle you shared, you have been teaching me to be a better teacher.  For that I am blessed and grateful. 

I want to offer what I hope is your new manifesto for health and for the upcoming months.  I challenge you to think in a new way about making purchases of processed foods.  You know how I feel about these.  They are anti-foods, not food at all but seductive destroyers of health. Most are flooded with refined sugars and no single ingredient (sugar is not a food) has caused so much destruction in so little time.  

These foods rob you of your health, family and future.

If you want health for you and your children, they will need the best nutrients possible to help them survive and thrive. Life is not getting any easier in this crazy world.  This means we have to show up in the strongest manner possible.  You and your children will need every tool possible – the best nutrition, your love and support and your wellness example. Through you, they learn what matters and why you bother trying in the first place.  

When you are next at the grocery store, think about what you are selecting, one item at a time.  My own process when shopping is; “What nutrients will I receive from this food? How will this food support my physical wellness, mental soundness and ability to thrive?  Will this food build me up or take me down?”

Let’s approach these next months as an opportunity for you to become a student of Eating Clean® and a teacher by example.  Commit to the journey.  Sign up for my Strike Sugar Challenge to give yourself the most effective start – call it the Quick Start program, like on your treadmill.  Just hit the button and go.  

Ask your friends and family to join you. Ask them to support you. Ask them to participate in the journey with you.  They have seen you doing it for a year and now you want to dive deeper, attaining greater results.  Together is better than alone.

Each day that we are together, here on this planet, is a blessing.  Live to the fullest of that blessing.  Love yourself enough to show up in the greatest expression of who you are.  Commit to YOU.  

I can help you but I can’t do it for you.  I can push but you need to run with it.

It’s game time!
With great love and respect for you,
Tosca Reno

PS.  Your spot in the Strike Sugar Challenge is waiting for you, right here

PSS. If you want to eat, sleep, play, train and learn with me, sign up for my next Clean Living® Retreat here

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