Though you may be long out of school, and your children may too, there is still an element of renewal that comes in with the cool breeze every fall.  It’s the ideal time to refresh.

The summertime is known to cause beautiful distractions and often provide a much needed interruption to day-to-day life. For me, it included many long weekends up at my brother’s cottage, spending the days social media free, and catching up on my reading. I got to travel with my four daughters and new granddaughter to a beautiful wine region in Ontario. All of the wineries, travelling hours, and wonderful experiences caused things to get a little off track. With kids out of school, summer work hours, and the temptation of numerous patio drinks, I guessed you all might be feeling the same way.

Feeling guilty about enjoying your food and vacation time can be damaging, but there is no harm to identifying what you want to improve and taking steps to cleanse your body of harmful toxins.

That is why I’ve brought back the very popular Strike Sugar month! Strike Sugar is a four-week protocol that is recounted through my eBook. The eBook includes daily meal plans, and new Eat-Clean recipes. For those of you who feel you have hit a plateau since dedicating yourself to Eating Clean, this is a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate and jumpstart your nutrition goals. The cleanse features the best nutrient dense, whole, properly prepared, well-sourced foods available on this earth. You will become no stranger to dark, leafy greens and lean protein sources.

Weight loss is not the primary goal of this four-week cleanse, but definitely a welcome outcome to eating a super clean diet. After you complete my four-week Strike Sugar protocol you will cleanse your blood sugar handling organs and jump-start your fitness goals.

I will be with you every step of the way. Through this Eat Clean® journey we will all find the most pure and lively versions of ourselves.

Join the Challenge

Committing to Striking Sugar is always easier – and more fun! – when you do it as a group. That’s why I’m hosting a formal Strike Sugar Challenge to help keep you on track.

You will get to chat weekly with me via LIVE check-in sessions. A great opportunity to ask questions and express your struggles and successes along the way. You will also have the support of my Membership group and all it’s benefits alongside new Strike Sugar Recipes!

Want to win a FREE copy of Strike Sugar? I’m hosting a LIVE info session September 7th @7:00pm about the challenge. RSVP here and join me live for your chance to win!

*please note that to partake in the Challenge you will be required to be an active participant of my Membership Program & have a copy of my Strike Sugar e-book.