Foremost among health-destroying ingredients is sugar and that is why I recommend participating in my 4 week Strike Sugar® Challenge starting on February 12th.  Let’s get ready to rid ourselves of sugar and get lean and well in the process. Details on how to participate are listed at the bottom!!


On February 12th,  and for 4 weeks, I will be holding my Strike Sugar® Challenge to help you recognize and avoid refined sugar and flour products.  It is the ideal time to join in the challenge if you are any one of these:

  • Constantly exhausted

  • Bloated

  • Feel puffy and inflamed

  • Have aching knees and joints

  • Have a desire to lose 5, 10 or 30 or more pounds

  • Want more energy

  • Wish to improve your sleep

  • Want a heightened sex drive

  • Want a clearer mind

A moving, healthy body is a miracle, a marvelous orchestration of cells, blood and bone.  Eyes blink, feet move, the heart pumps blood, a baby grows and this entire miracle of life thrives on living, energy-rich foods.  Without such foods, overweight and disease hijack wellness.  One of the main problems with today’s diet is the monopoly of refined sugar and flour-based foods that we have come to believe are foods.  They are not.  They are health robbing ingredients and we need to learn to recognize and avoid these to feel well again.

My Strike Sugar® Challenge will help you shake your sugar addiction and feel fabulous.  You won’t want to miss out.

The plan includes:

  • A four-week menu plan

  • 28 Original Eat Clean® Recipes

  • Support through a private Facebook Group (which is active and robust)

  • A list of preferred foods

  • The principles of Eating Clean®

  • Grocery Lists for each week

You can expect to feel exhilarated as the results start to happen.  Your energy will soar.  Your mood will become easy.  Life will feel good again as your body’s wellness starts to soar.  

Here’s how to participate: 

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