Would you change your health if you could?

Would you like to heal yourself of blood sugar imbalances and feeling like crap?

Would you like your bowels to function properly?

Would you like to be able to fight off disease?

Would you like to lose 15 pounds or more?

Would you like to be able to remember things better? Have a clearer mind? Be less irritable? Sleep better? Have more sex?

Would you like to look younger?

And would you like to be pain-free?

There is a way.

You must be brave.  You must say NO when you may feel like saying yes.  You must learn to eat differently.  You must learn to be skeptical of what you are putting in your mouth.  You must learn to Strike Sugar®.

But most importantly, you must learn to love yourself.

The way to accomplish this is to participate in my Strike Sugar® Challenge as these individuals did.  One meal at a time, they followed the 4-week plan and eliminated the single most destructive ingredient in their diet – refined sugar and grain products.

The rest is history.

“Every day was hell for me. My body was so inflamed and pain ridden, I could neither lay down nor sit up, without suffering. I had become severely overweight, obese in clinical terms, and my body was becoming The Enemy. I discovered Tosca Reno’s Strike Sugar® program two years ago, and was so desperate to stop feeling terrible, I decided to try it. The first week was challenging alright. So much crap was detoxing from my body that I nearly gave up. Week 2 was somewhat better. I had to believe that it would get better if I could just stick to it. And I did. I have a young son, for whom I wanted to live and set a better example. After Week 4 on Strike Sugar®, without even adding exercise to my life, I had lost 33 pounds. But the most remarkable thing was being able to wake up pain free. I had forgotten what that felt like. What it felt like to be in a body without pain. I am now 2 years into Striking Sugar and feel younger, healthier and even kind of beautiful. I weigh a healthy 143 pounds – a number I thought I would never again see. There is no greater gift in life than this. ”

— M. Ryan Grand Rapids, Michigan

“My entire family is doing the Strike Sugar® Challenge as a lifestyle. We took on the idea of removing sugar from our diet when a family member recently died of cancer. Cancer feeds and thrives on a sugary environment. I didn’t want that for any of us. I downloaded the e-book and saved it to my desktop. We keep the menu plans handy and are so comfortable with the recipes, even my kids know how to mix up a batch of Power Flour to make Power Pancakes. I am so thankful to have a program that teaches my family and I how to eat and become super healthy. We can’t eat any other way. It’s our lifestyle now. Thank you.”

— B. Nellis Columbus, Ohio

“I just want to say thank you. Thank you for the best wellness program ever. Nothing makes me feel as amazing as Striking Sugar. It’s the only place to begin. I’ve lost weight and gained back my life. You are missing out if you don’t try it. I don’t need to say any more. Thank you.

— R. Freund San Diego

Such positive results are possible for you too.  Remember that at the beginning of every great journey in life, the seeds of desire include an all-consuming passion to change, something, anything, but definitely to create a different reality for yourself.  It may feel challenging initially but there is so much support and love for you, from myself and from others in the challenge, I know you can achieve success.

Let’s make Eating Clean® and Striking Sugar® a mission to help us regain the optimal health you are entitled to and you just may be one of my next Success Stories.

Remember, I am always listening.

With great love,

Tosca Reno