Sugar is toxic to health, with pain as the final warning.

It is difficult to balance the dangers of refined sugars with the flood of joy you get after consuming it. The delicious, creamy sweetness of ice cream floods your tongue.  A soda bubbles up happiness.  Alcohol is the bliss we long for after a crazy week.  Salty snacks call to you.  Red meat is your go to protein.

But hold up!

What?  Am I suggesting there is a sugar connection in red meat and salt?

Yes.  Yes I am.  It may not surprise you to learn that sugar is in everything from canned soups to cookies but it hides in many places you wouldn’t suspect.  Salt, for example.  In order to keep regular table salt free running, sugar, in the form of dextrose, is added to keep the potassium iodide in salt from oxidizing.  All iodized salt contains sugar.

If you quit eating red meat at the same time as you quit sugar, your task becomes much easier.  It’s science!

Quitting sugar is no easy task. There are tricksters and seducers everywhere.  But there is hope.

Let’s start with these 7 powerful steps.

Seven Steps to Strike Sugar™ from your diet:

  1. Realize where is the sugar in your diet.  I always start by asking clients what the one food is, they cannot live without. Usually it is sugar based.
  2. What’s your level of love for sugar? We are all biologically unique.  How sugar affects one is not the same as another.
  3. Strike Sugar™ to break the addiction. A 4 week, medically vetted program will achieve that, not a “detox in a box.” You will know you are cleansing properly when you experience headaches, hormones and crappiness but that only lasts for a few days.
  4. Read labels and understand the content. Accept that sugar is everywhere and you have to know how to read the code to decipher it.  There are over 100 terms for sugar!!
  5. Eat balanced meals to balance blood sugar. This means eat plenty of fibrous greens, fats and healthy fats AND eat them at regular intervals.
  6. Heal your gut. Different colonies of bacteria ask for more carbs and sugar.  Your sugar addiction is simply these bacteria driving your cravings.  Adding pre and probiotics to your diet to restore balance in your microbiome.
  7. Watch other “healthy” sugars like agave, honey, maple syrup and more. The more you eat, even the healthier versions of sweet ingredients, the more you want. Cleanse them out of your diet for a time to reset your body.

I believe no one can make significant wellness changes until they have undergone a thorough elimination of sugar.  I healed myself this way and lost 84 pounds of excess fat.  Out of that journey I created the Strike Sugar™ program.  It is what I follow even today.

Strike Sugar™ has healed tens of thousands of people.  It can heal you too.  Is today your day?

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I am always listening,

Tosca Reno

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