Give your body a cleansing boost this spring with my Eat-Clean Diet 4-Week Spring Cleanse Challenge.  The time is right and as our environment is proving to be a continual challenge for the human body, with its’ ever increasing toxicity, a cleanse is just the thing to set things right. You can sign-up officially at the end of this post, so read until the end!!

But not just any old cleanse.  Do a proper 4 week cleanse to literally take your trash to the curb.

For example.  Did you know that heavy metals like mercury and other toxic metals, accumulate in the central nervous system? Symptoms including anxiety, headaches, pain, impaired cognitive function and worse, are the result.  When heavy metals accumulate in the body, they can not only damage the nerves but hinder the ability of the liver and kidneys to remove such waste from the body. And something as simple as eating cilantro can fix it.

This is where a medically approved cleanse like my Spring Cleanse can lessen the toxic burden in your body and help you feel well again.

Here are the 8  main reasons you should participate in my Spring Cleanse.

  1. Your liver and kidneys need a break from dealing with all the heavy foods typically consumed during the winter months.

  2. Your muscles and joints will enjoy the cleanse more than you know. The body, in its’ wisdom, cleans the blood by depositing and storing toxins in the muscles and joints, as noted above. A good spring cleanse allows the body to remove some of these toxins.

  3. You will fire up your immune system which means less illness for you now and next winter.

  4. We all need to flush out the excess metabolites that build up over the winter since our metabolism operates in a slower gear during the colder months.  The remainder of that inefficient burning in the winter, will get flushed out with a cleanse.

  5. You will experience increased energy, clearer mind, better sleep, regular bowel movements, and an increased sense of well-being.  You might even enjoy more robust sex again.

  6. Cleansing treats disease. If you are already suffering from chronic conditions such as autoimmune disease, allergies, arthritis, heart disease, or even cancer, cleansing can be very healing.

  7. You can identify foods that do not work for you.

  8. You will mobilize your lymphatic system – known to carry your river of waste – and push it out of the body.

Along with these, a few more reasons to participate in my Spring Cleanse include,

  • Having access to my exclusive Facebook Challenge’s group & me! We will support you all the way.
  • My Spring Cleanse is vetted by a Naturopathic Doctor, who also happens to be my daughter, so you will be in the care of her expertise as you go.
  • You will likely lose weight, even if cleanses aren’t really about that.  Only it won’t be a cleanse-in-a-box weight loss, spent on a toilet. This is the real deal.

There are loads of good reasons to do my cleanse, but the main one is YOU.  You have the right to feel well, to feel amazing, to feel on top of the world.  That’s why. Join us! We start on April 16th. It’s your turn.

With love and an invitation to health,

Tosca Reno

PS. Don’t forget to hold your spot!!!  Join the cleanse by signing up below!


PSS. Grab a friend and do it together.

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