I’ve put together two exclusive bundles featuring the best of MY ONLINE PROGRAMS!
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Premium Bundle


    • Strike Sugar 
    • FitCommit
    • Autumn Cleanse + Spring Cleanse
    • 22 in 22 Fat Meltdown Challenge
    • HardCore Challenge — starting in January 2023
    • [BONUS] 20-minute guidance session with Tosca Reno

Total Value = $1,000+

ONLY $497

Starter Bundle


    • Strike Sugar
    • 22 in 22 Fat Meltdown Challenge
    • HardCore Challenge — starting in January 2023

Total Value = $266

ONLY $127

Total Value = $1,000+

ONLY $497

Total Value = $266

ONLY $127

Strike Sugar Program

Regular $197

Strike Sugar is the foundation of an Eat-Clean™ Lifestyle, and your answer to lasting weight loss and wellness change.

In just 4 weeks, totally reset your blood sugar mechanisms in your entire body, including your brain.

Give your organs a rest from mopping up sugar and discover the brilliance that is you.

FitCommit Program

Regular $497

FitCommit is the exact plan Tosca Reno used to get leaner, tighter and super fit — cover worthy fit!

This program is for you if you want to harness and explode your body’s fat burning machine.

Also includes delicious, easy Eat-Clean™  recipes and done-for-you grocery lists.

Just imagine — A tighter, lighter, more energized YOU!

Autumn Juice Cleanse

Regular $97

Co-created with Dr. Rachel Corradetti-Sargeant, ND, this five-day, nutritionally balanced juice cleanse is designed to help you dump toxins, shed pounds and reset your weight loss journey.

This is so much more than a detox. It’s a healthy way to looking and feeling better, fast.

Spring Cleanse

Regular $197

Developed in collaboration with Dr. Rachel Corradetti-Sargeant, ND, this 28-day cleanse protocol delivers safe and fast results.

Nutrient dense foods give you energy to spare while you shed pounds and toxins.

You’ll be saying… “Welcome back, beautiful!”

22 in 22 Fat Meltdown Challenge

Regular $22

22 in 22 is part of the solution to getting your body back — By taking as little as 22 minutes to perform a few non-equipment exercises, you can tighten fluffy pounds!

You’ll also get your blood pumping, feel less stressed, and feel better able to cope with the chaos around you.

Going from flab to fab is possible.

20-minute Lifestyle Consultation with Tosca Reno


This bonus consultation with Tosca Reno is included to help you customize the Eat-Clean™ lifestyle principles taught in the programs in this bundle, and plan for success. It’s your opportunity to ask your questions and receive guidance for your individual wellness needs.

New Year HardCore Challenge

Regular $47

Be part of the New Year HardCore Challenge, led by Tosca Reno, joining other like-minded participants in challenging yourself to tighten your core and learning the many full-body benefits along the way.

With this hot circuit you’ll also improve your posture, flexibility and grace. Even more importantly, you’ll tap into your true power.

I’m not merely ‘surviving’ through this change of life, I’m THRIVING.  Since starting the Strike Sugar Challenge, four weeks ago, I sleep better, I wake up feeling energized, jeans that were too tight, now slide on easily and need a belt to hold them up.  More importantly, I feel like every cell in my body feels turbo charged! This is the feeling I’ve been missing! These food choices are so easy to make, when the results are the feelings of being vital and vibrant.

Carolyn Channell

As someone who just completed the FitCommit 4 week challenge, I can tell you that this is worth every penny.  Ladies, as someone who just completed the FitCommit 4 week challenge, I can tell you that this is worth every penny. How much would you spend on going to the gym? The things I learned from the 4 week program could not be learned by just going to a gym. You learn tons from Tosca and her team – it’s like having your own personal trainer – and from others doing the program alongside you. The recipes are terrific. This is not like other programs that just tell you “eat this much protein, this many carbs” – it gives much more direction than that. I learned tons. Would highly recommend it.

Marlene P.

“I wanted to let you know that I’m thrilled with the Menopause Method and FitCommit programs. I’ve lost 3 pounds so far and am also building muscles! The full picture isn’t showing on the scale, but I’m feeling so much better in my clothes and throughout my day!”Nancy

I have to tell you when I started the 3E’S program I did not know how much it would change me from inside the way I think is so much more different. Also, I finished this journal it is all filled up with my gratitude, affirmations, and just thought thank you so much for helping me. It makes me cry I am so grateful!!! Love you Tosca!

xoxo, Audra

“Because of you, your books, and your programs I didn’t even know I went through menopause! Thanks!! You’ve changed my life in a positive way.”Sue

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