Sometimes you just need a little help to get you on your way.


A tighter midsection is the dream of most women and yet, with age comes the struggle of keeping it that way – flat and tight. Pounds seem to cling to your tummy no matter what you do!

Menopot is real. Weight creep is real.

Sometimes a girl needs a little help to get things started in the right direction. And there is help to banish your menopot.

Let me introduce you to Emsculpt. “It’s a completely new device that is in a body-contouring class of its own.” Quoted from the Emsculpt website, it sounds both promising and frightening at once. It peaked my curiosity though. What was this device??’’

I would soon discover the power of Emsculpt after my dear friend and world class, plastic surgeon Dr. Trevor Born, invited me to his downtown clinic to experience it myself.  Watch the video below.

I had often complained to Dr. Born that I was unhappy with my “blocky” waist. Trevor invited me to try 6 sessions with his new, FDA approved energy device proven to burn fat and build muscle mass. With no downtime, no pain, and no recovery, I accepted the invite.

As a representative of women in the Boomer demographic, and having fielded numerous questions from my audience about how to blast away stubborn belly fat, often the most difficult to lose even with tight diet and exercise regimes, I felt it would be a perfect chance for me to test out the device and share the results with you.

The treatment is completely painless. A delicious intensity sets up in the entire core area, making you sweat as your muscles work because you are doing the equivalent of 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes! That’s a brutal workout by anyone’s standards.

The recommended series of treatments, spaced 3-4 days apart over a 2-week period is 4. I could see a difference after the first session and certainly after the entire series was over but here’s the best news. The most dramatic results appear weeks later, when you least expect them.

Like when you try on a dress in a brand new size and think, wow! I’ve got a waist. That happened yesterday when I needed to find a dress for a speaking engagement. I went down an entire size and that is largely due to the fact that my waist is smaller and more defined.

The caveat is, no procedure is going to catapult you into a fabulous physique. You need to combine Eating Clean and Exercise with Emsculpt or any other activities so that results will last. The goal is to build a lifestyle of wellness yielding a longer healthspan.

I am enjoying my new waist and the new power I have developed in my core. I am stronger in my workouts and my back is well supported too. Thank you to Dr. Born and Emsculpt.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Would you consider a treatment? Are you tired of struggling with rolls around your waist that just won’t budge? Maybe Emsculpt is for you.

Wishing you wellness!

PS. You can find Dr. Born here @trevorbornmd and here www.tmbmedspa.com

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