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The 8 Best Leggings & Exercise Pants for Women

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Exercise pants are an important part of your fitness wardrobe, and not just because they are comfortable to wear while you workout. They also help manage heat and sweat while allowing you the freedom to move, bend, and exercise.

Here are my recommendations for exercise pants, broken down by category:

Yoga Pants & Flared Leggings

From Tosca

Comfort & confidence are critical.

I learned a long time ago not to underestimate the importance of quality exercise pants. It’s not just about durability and performance, although those elements are absolutely crucial—it’s about how they make you feel. Ideally, you’ll walk into each workout feeling bold, powerful, and fearless.

I hope some of the items on this list make you feel as unstoppable as you truly are.



Leggings follow the contours of your lower body and move with you like a second skin. One benefit of leggings is you can pay close attention to your form while you wear them. Just be aware that not all leggings are “squat proof” and may become translucent in the butt area when you bend down.

CAMPSNAIL 4 Pack Leggings with Pockets for Women

CAMPSNAIL 4 Pack High Waisted Leggings for Women



  • Impressive value for the price
  • Include tummy-control panels
  • Still opaque when stretched


  •  Broader-than-average sizing

What’s better than one high-quality pair of leggings? 4 pairs for a similar price point. These CAMPSNAIL leggings come in packs of 4. There are various color selections, and there’s even a fleece-lined option if you exercise outside in the cooler months.

ODODOS Gathered Cross Waist Yoga Pants for Women

ODODOS Women’s Cross Waist Yoga Leggings



  • Flattering cross-waist design
  • 3 length options
  • Comes in XS to 3XL
  • Hidden back pocket in every pair


  • Only some pairs have thigh pocket
  • Only accommodates up to 40-inch waist

These ODODOS leggings incorporate the trendy new “cross waist” design, making your waist look smaller. Every pair has a hidden pocket in the back of the waistband that zips shut for extra security.

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets

IUGA High-Waist Yoga Pants



  • Available in full-length & capri
  • Gusset crotch to reduce “camel toe”
  • Flat overlock seams


  •  Only accommodates up to 40-inch waist

These IUGA leggings are specifically designed for yoga, but they’ll stand up to virtually any challenge you throw at them. Their unique high-waisted design keeps your tummy under control without feeling too restrictive.

Yoga Pants & Flared Leggings

Baby boomers and Generation Jones called them “bell bottoms.” Generation X and Millennials called them “yoga pants.” Now, Generation Z is calling them “flared leggings.”

Whatever you call them, flared and bootcut workout pants have come back in a big way. They stay form-fitting through the hips and, usually, the thigh, getting progressively wider

Heathyoga Women's Yoga Pants Bootcut Yoga Pants

Healthyoga Bootcut Pants



  • Capri & full-length options
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Stays opaque when stretched


  • Only accommodates up to 40-inch waist
  • Different sizing for different pairs

These highly stretchy yoga pants are an excellent option for anyone who wants to commit to a less extreme flare. With a bootcut fit, the pants make your legs look longer without the more obvious look of a broader or lower flare.

Sunzel Flare Leggings, Crossover Yoga Pants

Sunzel Flare Leggings



  • 2 inseam length options
  • Tummy control waistband
  • Stays cool during workouts


  • Some users say fabric becomes transparent when stretched too far

These ultra-trendy flared leggings feature the popular cross-waist design and a sharper flare. Even with the cross-waist, you still get tummy control, and the buttery-soft fabric doesn’t restrict your movements.


Joggers are a practical and sporty option for those who don’t care for tight-fitting pants. Generally speaking, joggers have a looser fit that’s gathered around the ankles. Most joggers have pockets, too!

Libin Women's Cargo Joggers

Libin Women’s Cargo Joggers



  • Water resistant
  • Light-weight
  • Multiple closeable pockets
  • Accommodates waists up to 44 inches


  •  Some users find pocket placement awkward

If pockets are good, more pockets are better! These lightweight pants have 5 pockets and dry quickly, making them a tactical choice for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Amazon Essentials Women's French Terry Fleece Jogger

Amazon Essentials French Terry Fleece Joggers



  • Accommodates waists up to 57.8 inches
  • Soft terry fleece
  • Pockets


  • May be too warm for some workouts

Whether you’re working out or lounging around on a day off, these joggers are made for your comfort. The Amazon Essentials Joggers are made of plush French terry fleece, so they’re cozy but still relatively lightweight.

BALEAF Women's Joggers

BALEAF Women’s Joggers



  • Quick-dry
  • Zippered pockets
  • Ventilated mesh panels
  • Accommodates waists up to 43 inches


  • None!

The BALEAF Joggers are engineered for high performance. These pants are made of lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric with mesh panels for added breathability. And with zippered pockets, you know your belongings are securely by your side.

Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for when Buying Leggings & Exercise Pants

Before you start stocking up your workout wardrobe, make sure the items in your cart fit these 3 boxes:


Consider your fit preferences. Do you want high-waisted pants? Or does a mid-rise feel more comfortable to you? Do you want something that feels like a second skin? Or do you need room to breathe?

No matter how low the price is, it’s not worth settling for workout wear that doesn’t give you the most comfortable fit, because you probably just won’t reach for it.


You probably want your pants to be squat-proof, but what else? Pockets are always a good thing—do they need to have zippers on them? Do you plan to wear them outside much? If you do, you should check for a UPF.

It’s better to buy fewer pieces that meet all your needs rather than several to meet some of your needs.


You have to feel good. For many people, working out already makes them feel self-conscious. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to invest in workout wear that makes us feel confident and powerful.

Don’t be afraid to look at fun colors, textures, and designs! Life is too short for boring gym clothes.