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The 7 Best Workout Machines for Home

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Working out at home doesn’t need to be a compromise. Today, there are lots of options in terms of home workout equipment for every need and budget.

On this page, I’ve curated a range of equipment, from rowing machines to workout benches, that I think will help you enjoy a great workout at home!

Foreword from Tosca

An effective home gym helps build a solid workout routine.

Building a space you want to use is the key to getting the most out of a home gym. That space doesn’t have to include machines, but for some people, machines are easier to use because they support proper form and technique.

The machines on this list are all multifunctional, so you get the most comprehensive workouts possible. Enjoy!


Body Rider BRD2000




  • Portable and compact design
  • Can perform a variety of exercises
  • Up to 120 lbs of resistance


  • None

I love how versatile the EVO Gym is, and I also love the story of how it came to be. A Kickstarter success, the EVO Gym brings a full-body functional trainer into your home.

Use it for squats, lunges, curls, shoulder exercises, and more.

NordicTrack Smart Rower

NordicTrack Smart Rower



  • Includes 30-day iFIT membership
  • 10” HD adjustable touch-screen
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Some features only usable with ongoing iFIT membership

Like any rowing machine, the NordicTrack Smart Rower is a whole-body workout. But unlike most rowers, this one features a 10” touchscreen where you can follow iFIT workouts that automatically adjust your resistance levels. The Smart Rower uses both magnetic and air resistance.

LifePro Multipurpose Roman Chair

LifePro Multipurpose Roman Chair



  • Versatile for a wide range of exercises
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Sturdy construction


  • Doesn’t include any weights or resistance bands

The LifePro Multipurpose Roman Chair is so much more versatile than a typical Roman Chair. While it’s effective for strengthening your core muscles, you can also use it for preacher curls. When you’re done, the chair folds up for easy storage.

Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Machine & Stair Stepper

Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Machine & Stair Stepper



  • Combines the motions of an elliptical & a stepper
  • LCD screen tracks time, calories, distance, and speed
  • Rollers for easier transport


  • Maximum weight capacity is only 250lbs

The Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Machine & Stair Stepper combines the movements required for 2 different machines into a single smooth motion. This machine is an excellent way to work on cardio while strengthening your back, glutes, and legs. Its small footprint makes it an ideal option for tighter spaces like apartments.

BESVIL Stair Stepper<br />

BESVIL Stair Stepper



  • Compact
  • Offers a variety of workout options
  • Includes display battery


  • Display may be difficult to read during some exercises

The Besvil Stair Stepper is so much more than just a stepping machine. This small-but-mighty device transforms from stepper to chair for various bench exercises. With leather upholstery and thick foam padding, this machine is built for comfort and performance.

Yonxuleo 3-in-1 Rowing & Ab Machine

Row Warrior Air Rowing Machine



  • Robust folding design
  • 10 resistance levels
  • Can support up to 550 lbs
  • Strong metal construction


  • Display requires batteries

I put this rowing machine on the list because rowing is a fantastic way to work out your lower body, core, and upper back and shoulders. Not only that, but it’s a terrific and low impact way to get your cardio in.

This rower is strong and foldable, making it ideal for long-term use.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym



  • Supports over 25 different exercises
  • More than 200 pounds in resistance
  • Folds up to save space


  • Relatively complex assembly

Bowflexes are the Cadillacs of home workout equipment, and this model is no exception. The PR1000 Home Gym is tailor-made to strengthen your upper body. And because the bench converts to a sliding seat, you can add a little rowing to your workout too!

Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for When Buying a Workout Machine

Even if the price is right, it’s important to consider a few things before investing in larger pieces of gym equipment.

Home Space

How much space do you have? If you’re limited, you will need something with a relatively small footprint or something that folds up for easy storage. You should also consider how much space you need for other parts of your workout routine so your machine doesn’t prevent you from doing other important exercises.

Your Workout Needs

If you like lifting free weights because you appreciate strengthening your control, something like a Bowflex may not be for you. Likewise, if you swim 5 times a week, you probably don’t need a machine for cardio. Look for gaps in your workout routine, then look for machines that might fill them.


No one wants to get stuck with broken or non-functional workout equipment. Always check the manufacturer and supplier warranties before you buy. What do they cover, and how long does that coverage last? It’s an important step to protect yourself from making less-than-ideal purchases.