Dear Owner,

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, your Immune System. I work quietly and often in the dark so that would explain my silence. You may not even know I am there.

But I have been busy, working 24/7/365 with NO breaks, to keep you healthy. Especially lately with COVID-19.

I’ve Been With You Since The Beginning

You and your wellness are never far from my mind. 

From the minute you were born I had your back. One big gulp in the birth canal filled you with a big part of me. Millions of immune cells, each playing a role in your wellness.

These cells are characters with complicated names like B-cells, antibodies, antigens, T-cells, phagocytes, killer cells and complement cells. You don’t really need to know who these fellows are. 

You just need to know that they are there working hard under my direction. Always.

You might also be interested to know that I am a system. I do my best work when you’re in balance and harmony. The best way to do that dear owner is to choose to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Some call it a Clean Living Lifestyle. I can’t stress enough to you, my dear owner, that lifestyle trumps everything else you do when it comes to your wellness.

E.V. E. R. Y. T. H. I. N. G.

Lifestyle Trumps Everything Else When It Comes To Wellness

I thought you should know that because at this moment your lifestyle is likely in the PITTSS, what with the pandemic happening right now.

What’s that you ask? 

Imagine me trying to do my best work with poor quality fuel. That’s the P in PITTSS. Poor nutrition.

 It’s impossible for me to fight disease, especially this new intruder called COVID-19, without excellent fuel. I need clean food. When you drink soda I don’t think you quite understand how the sugar in that stuff knocks me out for up to 3 hours. 3 hours!! 

During that time I can’t do my job. Guess what happens? Intruders like coronavirus, have easy access to you. It can’t be overstressed how important it is to eat a clean, nutrient-dense, whole food diet. You need every macronutrient please, from fat and protein to complex carbohydrates.

 My favourite food, if you ask me personally, is anything loaded with minerals. But I also love stinky foods like garlic, onions, leeks, and asparagus. Prebiotic foods like these and berries, apples, avocados, and root veggies feed the friendly bacteria in your gut. 

Just letting you know that 80% of your immune system lives in your gut, dear owner. Please feed me well and I will keep you healthy.

It’s not just sugar alone. 

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You may have a chronic or low-grade infection happening. That’s the I in PITTSS. Infection anywhere in your body keeps me busy. 

I have to stamp it out using some of those complicated characters I introduced you to up there. If we are too busy managing that infection, we can’t pay attention to new viruses and bacteria getting in. It’s a tough job keeping you healthy.

Then there are toxins that come from things like smoking, recreational drugs and so on … That’s a T in PITTSS. Toxins are tough on you. 

They are hard to get out of your body and they clog you up, embedding in your fat and other places, messing up how your body works. It makes me feel bad when I can’t do much about that but you chose the cigarette …

The other T is for … trauma. UGH! Who hasn’t had that?I know you very well dear owner and you have had your share. 

Trauma, if not dealt with will cause me and you trouble. So let’s make a deal right now to practice self-care. How about a nice massage? Maybe a 15-minute meditation, please? 

I hear Abraham Hicks does a beautiful General Well Being Meditation. Would you mind very much if we took the time to do that right now, please? I could use the help.

Then there’s stress. 

This S is a killer. 

Poor you! Right now with the coronavirus pandemic, your stress levels are through the roof. I’m not happy about it either. Just think of stress as the final blow to me, your Immune System. If you load me up with stress on top of the rest of the PITT, then we are both in the PITTSS.

Last S = sleep. Get some. ‘Nuf said!

I am going to ask you to help me out big time. Please grab a big glass of water or about six of them, put on some restful music – I adore the calming energy of music like Ludivico Einaudi – and let yourself breathe. 

Try meditation to stop the hamster brain. Go for a walk outdoors and let Mother Nature heal you with her cleansing energy.

Try These Immune Boosters

I know what to do to keep you healthy but I need you to work with me. 

You could also toss in some helpers like Ai/E10, TeGreen and Reishi. There’s nothing like it to repair my messaging system. 

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You see when you are in the PITTSS, my postal system – cytokine molecules – can’t get to where you need me to help put out the infection. Ai/E10 fixes the broken pathways so I can get right back to work. Reishi and TeGreen do amazing things in our cells too.

I Love You. I’ve Got Your Back.

I can’t say enough about how much I love you. We are a unit you and me!

Immune System + Owner = Love and I Love you very much.

I’ve got to get back to work now but I promise, if you help me out by improving your lifestyle and getting some help from my friends above, we will be just fine.

Big hugs and loads of love,

Your Immune System

PS.  Don’t forget to wash your hands and stay home!!