’Tis the season for sweaters, sparkles, mistletoe kisses, and gift-giving! 

In case this year’s list of people to shop for is a long one, my list of favorite wellness and beauty items is here to help. 

Below, shop roundups of the very best gifts to support your beauty and your wellness.  Your loved ones will be delighted. 

Happy holidays and happy shopping to you and yours!


The gift of wellness is always welcome.  There’s nothing more sure fire than gifting a loved one this 4 week sugar cleansing and healing program.  Delicious recipes, four weeks of menu plans, both plant forward and otherwise, and loads of support, Strike Sugar is the first powerful step towards weight loss and wellness. 

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22 IN 22 

A neat little fitness program to amp up cardiovascular fitness, 22 IN 22 contains all you need to succeed.  There’s 4 weeks of fitness, menu plans and a super tight bodybuilding menu plan for hardcore enthusiasts.  Four weeks of fun, fitness and results.  What’s not to love?

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I am offering a holiday sale on my best selling programs Gift one to family and friends and help them end the year strong or start 2023 off on the right foot. 

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LumiSpa facial cleansing device

You’ve seen the videos of me using my LumiSpa.  It’s the facial cleansing device I trust above all others, to create lovely, luminous skin.  Named the world’s #1 cleansing device for 5 years running, this is always a hit for men and women alike.  Experience results within minutes of use.


A mere 5% of us have true metabolic health. That means most of us could do with a little nutritional support from a powerful plant based supplement. Meta is capable of shifting stubborn abdominal and liver fat, reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and much more. Containing only the most deeply colored plant nutrients from black rice, bilberry and black currants, these powerhouse nutrients align perfectly with your Clean Living Lifestyle.


Protein powder features in most Eat Clean, wellness lifestyles. But what a messy maze most protein powders make.  

Did you know that many are made by grinding up less than nutritious “ingredients” as part of the recipe, along with heaps of refined and fake sugars. Think ground up chicken feathers! 

TR90 Greenshake is the one I reach for because along with a good amount of plant protein, it also has wheatgrass, alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella, beetroot, spinach and barley grass. 

This is a solid protein choice for a solid, Eat Clean lifestyle. 


Shaping a fit, healthy body and mind requires tools.  Among my favorite of these is the rebounder but not just any rebounder.  The unit I depend on is the Cellerciser by David Hall.  I have used the same Cellerciser unit for 15 years, loving every high energy workout it yielded.  

Nothing delivers a full body, muscle shaping, lymph cleansing workout like rebounding.  It challenges three forces: gravity, acceleration and deceleration. Gentle on backs, knees and joints.  Great for all ages. 

The Cellerciser should be front and center in any serious gym.  Make this Christmas your time to own one.


Kettlebells have become my go to choice for resistance training. 

Why? Because kettlebells deliver High Value Exercise or HVE. High value exercise challenges multiple muscle groups plus your cardiovascular system while simultaneously supporting metabolic fitness.  All this while also shrinking workout time.

I like to think of kettlebells as efficient tools through which to shape a healthy, fit body.  

If you are just starting to train with kettlebells, make sure to have a 5, 10 and 15 pound bell. As you become stronger, reach for north of 20 pound bells.

So there you have it! My list of favorite things for the holiday season. 

Now, here’s something to help you make healthy holiday choices this time of year: 28 Eat Clean (™) Recipes to help you enjoy a stress free holiday. This Eat Clean (™) Holiday Survival Guide is loaded with easy to prepare, nutritious recipes that will take the guesswork out of eating clean.

Stay tuned for a new and exciting program for 2023. We are putting the final touches on a brand new Hardcore Core Challenge. It should help you get your year off to a fit and fabulous start.

Grab your copy of the Eat Clean (™) Holiday Survival Guide and you will be added to my newsletter list — to be one of the first to know when this new Challenge becomes available.

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