Headline: Only 1% of you will make it.  

That’s the bad news.  It’s tough being a unicorn.

The good news is, I’ve got the solution.  It’s a simple one. But you’ll have to man up to do it.  Remember, only 1% do. Which will you choose?

I know a little about what you want in your life.  We’ve been friends for a while. You’re following me on my social media platforms. You comment on my posts and blog. You share your heart, your problems, your dreams.

Mostly you want the clean, clear, quick way to being at the top of your physical game. You want wellness.  Now. You want to live these years coming to you in the best shape possible, with the best health and the most vibrancy.

And you should have it.  In fact, you can have it.

But only 1% will get it.  Only the rare ones, unicorns, will change themselves, upending old habits, installing new ones and keeping their eye on the prize.

Do you know what the glue is, that holds it together for the 1%?

One word says it all… consistency.  

Not wrong and not right.  Just getting it done.

Not stronger or better genes. Just consistent effort. 

Not perfect or even excellent. Just consistently pushing forward through failure.

Popular author Benjamin Hardy contends,

Consistency is the most fundamental virtue to becoming the person you want to be.

If you were to ask me what special secret I possess, so that I have overcome not just one death but two in a year, then bankruptcy, betrayal, financial ruin, irrelevance and a long list of other challenges, I would say the word is consistency.  

Consistency was a choice I made.  When I thought about wanting to throw in the towel on my life, I consistently revisited my goals, driven largely by my desire to be with my daughters and their families long into my life.  I consistently put in the effort to eat clean so that I could show up in the best health possible. I consistently kept the date I made with my workouts so that I could maintain a strong physical house.  I consistently nourished my mind so that the chaos wouldn’t overtake me completely. I was consistent.  

Consistent folk are unicorns.  They are rare. Unusual to behold.  Powerfully attractive.

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Be attracted to them because if you can stand in their light you too can learn to cultivate consistency in all your efforts.  This applies to every aspect of your life from building strong relationships, financial health and yes, even to improving your wellness.  

If you can be brave enough to develop consistency you will have the secret.  The one alchemical ingredient that will make you unbeatable. Consistency is better than talent, luck, skill or quality. 

There are plenty of folks out there who are way more beautiful, talented, skilled or lucky but if they don’t have consistency, they have nothing. Beauty fades.  Talent becomes irrelevant. Skill and quality lose their luster.

A word of warning. It’s tough to be a unicorn.  Being a unicorn means showing up every day, good or bad, getting things right and wrong all in the same day.  You will want to quit. You will feel like a failure. Your efforts feel endless, as it must have felt for Sisyphus to push the rock up the hill. Again and again, you face the vulnerable parts of yourself, seeing the flaws, wobbles, and failures all to the deafening sound of one-handed applause. This could make you feel like quitting.

Most do.

They quit.  

Nobody would blame you.  Being consistent about anything is hard work.  It’s lonely work. There is no pretty Instagram filter for tough, gritty, sweaty, mind boggling work.  Nope. Consistency isn’t glamorous. But there is a light at the end …

Don’t mistake consistency for habits.  Habits are just things you do that don’t progress you. 

What you want is consistency because that is the element that will galvanize your efforts and launch you into your next level.

How do you build consistency? 

Start by knowing what you want.  Name it. State it clearly. Better yet, write it down. Journal your wants, goals, and dreams.  Not just once but every day. Name your desires daily, consistently. Out loud and on paper. 

Once you’ve done that, take massive action immediately.  Without hesitation step into the doing, into the work of realizing your dreams.  Blaze your own way with outrageous goals, not little, quiet, tiny ones but B I G, B O L D, audacious goals that will magnetically pull you in the direction of success.  

Every day you show up, placing your dreams, goals, and hopes on your shoulders. You do the necessary and often unpleasant things that will make you realize your dreams, goals and hopes.  This kind of effort taken consistently will yield abundance. It will make you a unicorn.

Watch what happens. Bear witness to your alchemy because from taking action your identity changes from “one who sits back and dreams” to “one who dreams, launches into action and transforms!”  You are now the 1%.

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Your new self is a doer.  A sage. A transformer. A miracle. A powerhouse. You are divine.

Your consistency has delivered you the very thing you have lain awake at night and dreamt about – a powerful, lean, shiny new you who is a unicorn.  You’ve become a person of value, of note. You’ve trembled in fear of not achieving your dreams but went out anyway and took your life back. 

Consistency.  It. Is. The. Currency. Of. Success.

Consistency changes you.  

Your ideas. Your way of living and looking at the world.  Once you become a person of consistency, you have undergone a transformation so powerful you can never be ordinary again.

I see you.  I see these changes. I see your consistency and I applaud you.  The more you shine, the more others want what you’ve got. Then you’ll be the one writing a blog about consistency!

In the meantime, let me help you become consistent.  Join my absolutely free 5 Day Challenge. Start the process with me… Thousands joined the last time I ran this challenge and you should see the unicorns out there!! Amazing!

Warmly and with great love,

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