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HardCore Core

4 Weeks to Carving Your Core

Ready To Shed Fluff From Your Middle? This HardCore Core Challenge Is For YOU!

Tosca Reno

Primed To Carve Out A Sleek Physique?

This HardCore Core Challenge Is For YOU!

What if I shared an ab training circuit that uncovers your six pack and takes just 10 moves in 10 minutes to perform

Would you be happier still, knowing you don’t need expensive equipment or a gym membership?

With this ab carving circuit you will get:

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What’s Included:


A no-equipment-needed 4 week core workout plan


Detailed descriptions & videos for each exercise


a 22 day menu plan with original Eat Clean™ recipes


Daily motivation from the Tosca Reno team – answers to every question and support along the way!


BONUS: WORKOUT #1 – a fat-blasting workout with equipment


BONUS: WORKOUT #2 – a push-pull circuit for maximum fat burning


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What They Say

S. Mayfield

“Getting fit with Tosca has been transformational. The exercises were easy to follow and I didn’t need any equipment. They were highly effective! Learning how to unlock my own fat burning fire helped me shape a body that I now recognize as one I love. Thank you for showing me how.”

B. Milton

“Tosca’s knowledge of physique shaping is invaluable. I feel as if I have learned a secret about myself. There is no mystery about how to keep myself in shape. Working with Tosca has been informative and highly motivational. Thanks to her I know I can do it too.”

3 Ways This Challenge is Unique


You’ll be guided by Tosca Reno, NYT Best selling author, fitness coach and physique competition expert, multi-cover girl and age defying role model. 


The HardCore Core Challenge is a community challenge. Using the powerful psychology of working together, you’ll reach your goals easily and quickly. Be inspired with your Eat Clean™ fitness family.


PLUS… you’ll receive my Eat-CleanTM menu plan based on the law of thermogenesis. It works if you work it!

Healthy foods


I’m the New York Times Best Selling Author of the Eat Clean series and founder of the Eat Clean Revolution.

I have developed the Eat Clean lifestyle and helped millions take back their wellness and their lives through Eating Clean.

My recipes are based on natural ingredients, delivering only nutrient dense and delicious results – food to build your life on.

I’m the product of my product – I lost 84 pounds of unhealthy fat 20 years ago and I feel fantastic!