Y’all know I’m a big fan of glowing, hydrated skin and thus the LumiSpa. I feel like a badass when I whip that thing out ready to do battle with the signs of aging on my face, like a cowboy might whip out his gun.  

It seriously is my secret weapon, not for fighting bad guys but for fighting lines, wrinkles, pitting, enlarged pores and sagging skin, which technically are the bad guys if you’re trying to maintain younger looking skin.   

This kind of take-no-prisoners action is especially necessary in the winter, when frigid air is like the Sahara desert and indoor heating sucks every drop of water out of your face. Winter skin is thirsty skin!

You don’t want dry, crinkly old-before-its time skin any more than I do, I am sure.  And while I might visit the spa once in a while, I don’t have heaps of time or resources to do it often.  I want to use something daily, something that gives me a spa quality experience every time.  

You need a secret weapon.  A big fat one that scares away signs of aging and winter dehydration pronto.  And you want it based on ground breaking science.

The LumiSpa is exactly that.  A daily skin care device that not only cleanses but delivers a spa-like treatment every time you use it.  

How does it help you get heathier skin?  

This sexy device sucks the dirt straight out of your pores – goodbye enlarged pores! – and stimulates your deeper skin to produce the good stuff, collagen and elastin – hello plump skin!

Do you understand what I’m saying here? I’m saying that 2+2+2=10. Translation? If you use the LumiSpa for 2 minutes, twice a day for 2 weeks you will look 10 years younger.  Maybe even 20!  

Would that interest you?  Would you like to walk into your high school reunion and have your former classmates ask you if there’s something wrong with you because you’re aging in reverse?  Would you like to look in the mirror and welcome that beautiful face again, instead of cursing it?

I think that’s a Hell Yess! 

Hydrated Skin Solutions for the dry Winter Months

How about a triple threat attack on thirsty winter skin? Now that your skin is clean, what will you put on it to keep moisture in?

After using the LumiSpa you pair it with the kind of technology in skin creams and serums that guarantees your mind will be blown and your skin will be glowin’.  

Radiance is the number one thing that makes skin look younger and it gets that way through hydration. In Hollywood, they call it the “it” factor and celebs who have it always get more love.  Cam Diaz is one of these. 

Good science can quench thirsty skin and address the kinds of things you dream about when you peer in the mirror wondering where your youth went in the cold winter months, or any time of year.  “How can I erase these annoying lines? What can I do to moisturize? I want the glow, how can I brighten this dull face? How can I lift my jowls?”  

Meet Tru Face® Pearls, Tru Face® Uplifting Cream and AgeLoc Y-Span.  I’m tempted to spout facts and numbers here, but I won’t because you’ll fall asleep.  Just know that the science behind this trifecta is stunning.  

Check out the 30/30/30 rule: use TFEU and see the difference in 30 seconds, see and feel improved firmness in 30 minutes and see continued improvement for 30 days and beyond. 

Or this: using the little blue pearls (embed link), embedded with something totally space-aged for skin called Firmplex, helps your skin reverse the loss of your “plumping factors” – collagen and elastin – and also helps you make more of these.  The result is, firm, dewy, supple skin and a happier, younger looking you.

Add the Uplifting Cream and AgeLoc Y-Span supplement and there is absolutely no way you won’t see results.  

I use these every day and have discovered a new vibrance in my skin that matches my zest for life.  Nothing feels better!

Show your skin some love and see if you don’t love the results too.  

Much love and hydration!

PS. If you have questions, pop them into the comments. You know I will answer you.