How I Created Younger Skin at 60

October 16, 2019

10 / 16 / 2019

Turn back time on your skin by 20 years. Learn the secrets of the skincare routine that has given me younger, healthier skin.
My friend and makeup guru, Bobbi Brown, recently stated,

“Your health shows on your face. If you take care of yourself – by eating the healthiest foods possible, drinking a ton of water and moving your body every day – it shows.”

I couldn’t agree more but the question of how your skin ages as we grow older is one I have spent much time thinking about, especially since I just turned 60.

My great fear about growing older is that while I could offset many of the un-pleasantries of aging through my 3 E’s of Wellness – Eating Clean, Exercise and Emotional Self-care – my skin (and maybe my brain) would go downhill. I thought of the many options available to “augment” skin, some using knives, high tech procedures, peeling off layers of skin and even more aggressive techniques but I really wanted to harness the power of my body’s healing capabilities naturally.

I thought about it. Did some research. Had plenty of questions. Even talked to a leading scientist, Dr. Joe Chang, in the epigenetics field.

Could I change or even turn back Time on my skin? Was there a way that I could alter my genetics? Is there some space age science that could immediately and effectively turn back the clock on my aging skin? If that did exist, would it align with my Eat Clean principles?

In short, the answer to every one of these questions is, YES!

Science is on our side in the form of epigenetics. This kind of science focuses on how to positively alter gene expression with the outcome of turning back the clock by as much as 10-20 years. It means that despite the fact that you and I were born with a specific genetic code, we can alter the expression of that code to achieve a better outcome. In short, I can change the appearance of my skin, the function of my heart and brain and I can feel and look younger, naturally.

How do we do that? The 3 E’s helps tremendously because lifestyle trumps all. It is the ace up your sleeve. Lifestyle is the magic sword, secret weapon, kryptonite of your wellness. Every aspect of your wellness is governed by what we eat, how we move and how we manage our emotional selves BUT there are more secret weapons.

And I’ve found them.

Let me introduce you to the LumiSpa (shop in US or in CAD). At this very moment, millions of people around the world, and once I’m finished writing this blog, me too, are using it to create naturally fuller, cleaner, younger skin. Sound too good to be true? I know! This device can do all of that and more.

It has a unique treatment head that rotates in opposite directions at once. This action creates a gentle stimulation to skin and underlying collagen and elastin fibres. The gentle action of the silicon head combined with AgeLOC (shop in US or in CAD) cleansers causes collagen and elastin to regenerate – meaning it comes back instead of disappears! The silicon treatment head is impregnated with colloidal silver so it remains free of bacteria and build up. Just rinse and you’re good to go.

The best part is, all of this happens in only two minutes. Which is as long as it would take to wash your face anyway. And you will see a difference in your skin right away. If you use the LumiSpa (shop in US or in CAD) on only one side of your face, you can compare and see the results right away. This one sided demonstration on yourself highlights the power of this cool tool that I now travel everywhere with.

I looked closely. Lip lines. Crows feet. The Elevens. Forehead corrugators. Nasolabial folds. I looked again. Each of these telling age signs was much improved. Using it twice daily for a year now, I see the cumulative results. Good right?

Check this! The other day, a colleague and I had lunch. I hadn’t seen her in a while. She commented on how good my skin looked, noting that it was glowing and firm and then wanted to know if I had I had surgery like she had? That’s how good the results are!

But it gets better. There is another treatment head for the LumiSpa (shop in US or in CAD) called Accent, which is specifically for eyes. I have one eye that is droopy. I really hate that. I tried the Accent with its special AgeLOC (shop in US or in CAD) science based cream, and couldn’t actually believe the difference in just 2 minutes. I had to let my eye get droopy for a few days so I could repeat the treatment and see the results again. Yep! Same results. Damn! I was hooked.

So that’s how I clean my face. LumiSpa (shop in US or in CAD).

I follow up with epigenetic science based day and night creams too but I know, and you do too if you’ve been following me, that we need to put high quality nutrients in our body. You can get much of that from Eating Clean. It goes a long way to loading your body with antioxidants. But there’s a nutrient supplement that powers up your body’s nutritional status beyond belief.

Meet AgeLOC Y-Span (shop in US or in CAD). It is an epigenetically based supplement with the ability to promote youthfulness in key groups of genes that control aging processes. The nutrient combination in this supplement is so powerful it can target your ability to resist aging at its source – your mitochondria. You can’t find these nutrients in your neighbourhood super market, drug store, grocery store. You’d have to travel the world to get them all and then repeat that journey around the globe every month to make sure you would stay young and healthy.

AgeLOC Youth (shop in US or in CAD) is the king of supplements in my opinion. And you know that comment I made earlier about my brain? I want a healthy brain. One that works when I need it to, which is pretty much always! AgeLOC Youth (shop in US or in CAD) protects brain health and function, wellbeing and mood. In short it makes you feel & look fabulous!

Some of you work out. I know you do! I love to train hard. Recovery isn’t so much fun. But if you want to sweat like a champ and recover fast, AgeLOC Youth (shop in US or in CAD) helps you do that too.

My friend Jeanne Beker recently stated,

“As Boomer women … we want to take a proactive approach to maximize this life stage, whether it’s beauty or health.”

My experience with these AgeLOC tools (shop in US or in CAD) shows me this one hundred percent possible.

Ask me how.

Much love and wellness to you,
Tosca Reno

To explore my favourite products here’s your link if you’re in the US and here’s your link if you’re in Canada. You’ll find a list of all the products, but feel free to jump in and select the ones you want.


Keep it under control with Nu Skin® and ageLOC®. Developed by Nu Skin® in collaboration with leading scientists, the ageLOC® science is a revolutionary approach that is changing the way we appear to age. This unique and proprietary approach to the science of ageing is based on the discovery of age-related super markers or – as Nu Skin® calls them – “arSuperMarkers.” Nu Skin®’s exclusive ageLOC® science targets these arSuperMarkers, the ultimate sources of ageing that can influence how we age.

Tosca Reno

Author, columnist, motivational speaker, reality TV star, radio personality, consultant, mother and wife, Tosca Reno has been inspiring millions with the Eat Clean™️ Diet series and sharing the success she's had with weight loss and Clean Eating.


  1. When I click on links for products other than the main Lumispa package, that’s what comes up instead. Also, when I typed in Accent for Eyes, the description for usage informs that you shouldn’t use it on your eyelids, so I’m wondering how you got rid of your droopy eyelid as I have that problem too.

  2. Tosca asked me to reply to your message and let you know that she uses the Accent Eyepiece only on the bony part of the eye below the brow. That way the cells lift and plump with out damaging the fragile eyelid skin. Hope that helps! If you need any specific links please email me at [email protected] and I’ll get you sorted.

  3. Hi, where would you look if you would like to purchase in the UK?

  4. Hi Anni,
    Email [email protected] and our team can help you out!


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