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We Start Together April 3rd, 2023

Dump The Toxins And Ditch Those Extra Pounds…For Good!

My 4-week Spring Cleanse is helpful for those who want to lose pounds and toxins by teaching pro tips for cleansing, safely and effectively.

This isn’t your typical cleanse either, and it’s not a diet!

This 28-day cleanse protocol delivers safe and fast results. Nutrient dense foods give you energy to spare while shedding pounds and toxins.

You’ll be saying… “Welcome back, beautiful!”

You have BIG health & lifestyle goals for yourself. But somehow you’ve lost sight of those. Life is busy. Unpredictable. You’re always last on your To Do list.

You know you need to create healthier eating habits. Still, sweet or salty snacks and drinks keep calling your name.

What you need is a consistently delivered plan of action to rock your Eat Clean™ lifestyle because it checks all the right boxes. You need it pronto to get back on track with your healthy lifestyle goals.

Raise The Bar is a collection of monthly tools & resources to help you eat mindfully with purpose and intention.

You’ll rock your Eat-Clean™ lifestyle like you’ve always wanted to.


The number one question I get is, “How did you do it?” — How did you go from an overweight, depressed housewife to someone that lost 84 pounds of unwanted fat and exchange that for radiant skin and glowing health?

I share it ALL in this program!

I’ve learned that there are 3 essential components to true health: Eating Clean, Exercise and Emotional Self-care. I call them the 3Es of Wellness, because you need all 3 to thrive. 

The NEW 3Es Group Coaching Program not only provides you with a 12-week immersion blueprint outlining the exact principles I’ve applied to my own life to balance my hormones, shed unwanted fat and tend to my emotional self-care and resilience — but I guide you through the steps with weekly LIVE meetings AND give you a personalized plan.

“This is the first program that I have been very successful on.  The recipes are delicious and I haven’t felt deprived a single day.  I’ve lost just over 9 lbs in the middle of week 6 and I feel amazing! This is the program I’ve been looking for!  I’ve tried other diets and found after about 5 days I’m burned out and fall back into the habit of eating sugar again.  With the 3 E’s program I don’t feel deprived at all because the menu is so varied.  I swear the power balls have saved my life!  I eat them when I’m craving a treat and it has worked so well for me.  Now that I’m well into week 6 of this program and eating exactly the way I am supposed to, I feel so grateful to Tosca for coming up with this program. I joined Facebook ONLY because I wanted to be a part of the 3 E’s FB group to get more support.  I love Tosca’s videos and how she responds so quickly to the groups questions/concerns.  I fully intend to stick with the clean eating lifestyle, thank you again Tosca and team.” – Lori L


The 4 week Strike Sugar™ program is your answer to lasting weight loss and wellness change.

Rid your body of the toxic results of sugar, restoring wellness and vitality, ridding you of unwanted pounds and making you feel the best you’ve ever felt.

Remove the hidden ingredients that have destroyed your wellness.

Strike Sugar™ for health and for life.

“Woot! I did it- 4 weeks completed. I’m exercising- found a high rep / low weights power lifter class at the YMCA Monday’s and Wednesday’s after work. Clothes fit waaaaay better, I feel fantastic, lots of inflammation in nose down, less headaches, libido more active.  Down 15 lbs, and 2-3 inches off bust/waist/hips and belly button. 1/2 inch off arms, thighs and calves. I’m literally peeling off layers of my body but also emotions I’ve been masking with food and alcohol. I feel so empowered.” – Allison L.

Created specifically to torch unwanted pounds, you’ll follow a fitness plan that speeds up fat burning while melting off inches!

This no-equipment program is designed to shape-shift your body AND your mind.

You’ll have a whole new outlook on nutrition too!

You’ll be able to confidently push your fitness to the next level and feel healthier and more “at home” in your skin.

Your body will better reflect your BEST SELF. (It doesn’t hurt that you’ll love your shape more too!)

A Tighter, Lighter, More Energized YOU in Just 4 Life-Changing Body-Altering Weeks

The 4 week Fitness Commitment program is your answer to lasting weight loss and wellness change. In just 4 weeks you will totally reset your wellness with the exact plan to supercharge your metabolism, lose weight and sculpt lean muscle.

You want to build lean muscle and feel confident but don’t think it’s possible.

You want to lose weight but are confused about what to eat.

This is THE program to keep you on track.

“Oh yes! I did Fit Commit right after Strike Sugar.  It was a great program for solidifying the lifestyle changes that I made.  The recipes were amazing, AND I have to say that Tosca’s most delicious protien ball recipe EVER is burried right in the middle of this program.  I would highly recommend it!” – Michelle R.


My retreats are designed to create the ideal environment to make change happen in your life. Each of us has the potential to transform in powerful ways but we often don’t do it because we’re stuck on the hamster wheel of life.

What I do for those that attend my Clean Living retreat is change the environment from the chaos of their lives to one that places them in a peak state where change and personal growth is not only possible it’s achievable. I show what it takes to become well through my specially designed itinerary, hands on classes, knowledge, expertise and compassion.  Which will provide you with just the right amount of tough love to push you through boundaries and to learn new things. I am your accountability partner.

My signature retreats are truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to press the reset button and step into the life you’ve been wishing for!


Thank you so much for everything you did to make this retreat experience exceptional. Your knowledge and generosity in sharing it, as well as your patience, constant optimism, good humor and thoughtful approach, really made the retreat exceed all of my expectations. There were many takeaways that are part of my routine now. Specifically, I can incorporate your hydration principles, meditation, and exercise into my daily routine right away.

C. Cross.





Savour these mouth-watering sweet treats made with clean, healthy ingredients. They are sugar-free, sweet treat love, just for you! 

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