Achieve Your Goals with 1:1 Private Coaching


Invest in your wellness through private coaching with me, Tosca Reno.

Who Is This For?

Tailored Coaching for Personalized Success

Are you ready to transform your approach to health and wellness? Our one-on-one private coaching is designed for those who:


Seek Personalized Guidance: Ideal for individuals eager to achieve specific wellness goals with tailored advice and support.


Face Unique Challenges: Suitable for anyone looking for specialized coaching to navigate personal health challenges with expert oversight.

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You can’t seem to achieve your ideal weight.

Is This You?

You’re Confused About Nutrition.

What’s with carbs and fat? How much protein should you eat? When should you eat what? Is anything really food anymore? Help!??

You’re Intimidated By The Gym

The machines look complicated and you think you’ll look foolish when it’s your turn to use them. Everyone at the gym looks like they have it all figured out but you. Que the shame spiral…

You Raised Your Family And Given Them Your Best Years.

Then life got complicated. You show up every day but just barely. You feel you’ve missed the time to live your best life and you don’t know who you are anymore.

Let Me Guide You

Why 1 on 1 Coaching?

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One-on-one private coaching provides unparalleled, personalized guidance to meet your unique wellness needs and goals. With over 20 years of experience, I’ll create a tailored plan that aligns with your lifestyle, preferences, and challenges.

This approach ensures your plan integrates smoothly into your daily life, maximizing your success. Through regular communication and collaboration, I’ll monitor your progress, make necessary adjustments, and offer ongoing support and motivation. This dedicated partnership is essential for achieving lasting, tangible results, empowering you to reach your wellness goals with confidence.

What To Expect

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Embark on a transformative wellness journey with a coaching experience characterized by:

Personalized Sessions: Each session is crafted to focus intensely on your specific wellness goals and aspirations.
Expert Strategies: Gain access to the latest in nutrition, exercise, and emotional well-being to keep you at the forefront of health trends.
Supportive Environment: A safe and nurturing space to explore your wellness potential, celebrate your successes, and tackle challenges.
Lasting Change: Develop and refine wellness habits that will sustain your health and vitality for the long run.

tosca reno in purple dress on couch
tosca reno in purple dress on couch

What’s Included?

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Investing in your wellness through private coaching with me comes with flexible pricing options to suit your needs and commitment levels. Each plan below includes:

  • The Eat Clean™ Nutrition Assessment
  • Weekly Zoom Sessions with Tosca Reno (all Zoom sessions are recorded for lifetime reference)
  • A Customized Workout Plan
  • A Customized Nutrition Plan
  • Ongoing Guidance and Support

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Private Coaching Options

3 Month Plan

A quarter-year commitment that includes comprehensive wellness coaching tailored to your needs.

COST: $2999

6 Month Plan

A mid-term engagement offering deeper and more extensive support to refine and achieve your wellness objectives.

COST: $5499

12 Month Plan

A year-long dedication for those ready to undergo significant health transformations with sustained support.

COST: $8999

Your engagement and accountability is essential for achieving and maintaining your wellness goals.

I had to remember how to care for myself again.

My Story is Just Like Yours

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I was ordinary, overweight and purposeless. When I was 40, I was a newly divorced single mother, overweight, tired and depressed.

I set out to reinvent myself. I began to lift weights and competed in my first bodybuilding competition at 42. This was only the beginning. Once I figured out the “secret sauce” to eating and moving my body I knew I HAD to share it with the world.

I became a New York Times best-selling author, founder of the Eat-Clean Diet® health revolution, health and wellness expert, Star of a Gemini Award Winning reality TV show, and physique competitor.

Between 2011 and 2013 my stepson, Braden and second husband, Robert passed. Bankruptcy and the loss of my business followed. My life landed in ashes.

I knew how to Eat Clean and exercise but there was something missing. I searched for ways to soothe my heart and to calm my anxious mind and racing heart.

I know what it feels like to lose my way and find it again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I expect in my first coaching session?

In your first session, we’ll establish your personal health goals, assess your current wellness status, and discuss how to integrate coaching into your lifestyle. This session sets the foundation for our journey together.

How is 1 on 1 coaching different from group coaching?

One-on-one coaching provides personalized attention and tailored advice specific to your needs. Unlike group settings, individual coaching focuses solely on your personal challenges and goals, ensuring that every strategy directly supports your wellness journey.

What if I have dietary restrictions or special needs?

All nutrition plans are customized to accommodate any dietary restrictions, allergies, or special needs you may have. We’ll work together to ensure your diet is not only safe but also enjoyable and beneficial.

Can I reschedule a session if something comes up?

Absolutely! Life happens, and flexibility is part of the program. You can reschedule sessions with advance notice to fit changes in your availability.

What is required from me during the coaching process?

Success in this program requires an open mindset, commitment to the process, and active participation in setting and achieving goals. Accountability is crucial, and we’ll establish specific parameters during our first session to help keep you on track.

How long before I start seeing results from the coaching?

Results can vary based on individual commitment, goals, and starting point. However, many clients start seeing positive changes within the first few weeks as they implement new health and wellness strategies.

Are the coaching sessions confidential?

Yes, all sessions are completely confidential. Your privacy and the security of your personal information are paramount. We uphold strict confidentiality agreements to ensure your information is protected.