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Weight loss shouldn’t feel like an uphill battle–it should be a sustainable, long-term way of life. Having the right plan gives you clear next steps so that you can follow through and avoid getting stuck.

I cultivated these programs to lead you towards a trimmer, leaner you—one step at a time. As someone who’s gone through this journey myself, I’m ready to be your guide.

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Choose Your Pathway to a Healthier Life

Booty Burner

22 in 22

Strike Sugar 2.0

Raise the Bar

3Es Group Coaching


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Introducing Booty Burner

The Ultimate Butt Shaping Fitness Plan

Lift and tone your saggy bottom with this 28 day Booty Burner workout.

What’s Included:

  • The Ultimate Booty Burner downloadable menu plan
  • The Ultimate Booty Burner 28 day workout guide
  • Descriptions & videos of each exercise
  • Daily Eating Support & Motivation from the Tosca Reno team!

Fat Meltdown Challenge

Shape-Shift Your Body & Mind

A comprehensive, no-equipment 22 day fitness challenge designed to accelerate fat burning, sculpt your body, and transform your mindset. Alongside a fresh perspective on nutrition, this program empowers you to confidently elevate your fitness, embrace a healthier lifestyle, and feel more comfortable in your own skin. As a result, your body will better reflect your best self, and you’ll appreciate your improved shape even more.

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Strike Sugar 2.0

4 Weeks to Feeling Your Best!

Embrace a healthier lifestyle—for life!

The 4-week Strike Sugar 2.0 program offers a transformative path to lasting weight loss and renewed wellness. Designed to detoxify your body from the harmful effects of sugar, this program restores vitality, sheds unwanted pounds, and helps you feel and look your best.

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Raise the Bar

A Strong Plan of Action to Build & Sustain Clean Living

Raise the Bar is a monthly program designed to help you prioritize your health and lifestyle goals amid a busy life by focusing on creating healthier eating habits, developing a mindfulness practice, and High Value Exercise routines. This plan delivers consistent tools and resources that empower you to make mindful Clean Living choices. Regain control of your health and achieve the Eat-Clean™ lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

3Es Group Coaching

Your Personal Pathway to Balanced Wellness

The 3Es Group Coaching Program is a transformative 12-week journey that reveals the secrets I used to successfully lose 84 pounds, compete in bodybuilding and physique shows and achieve optimal wellness. Based on the three essential components of wellness—Eating Clean, Exercise, and Emotional Self-care—this program includes weekly LIVE meetings hosted by expert guests as well as myself. It further offers personalized plans, providing a comprehensive blueprint for balancing hormones, shedding unwanted fat, and supporting emotional resilience. All of this is topped off with solid accountability throughout.

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4 Life-Changing & Body-Altering Weeks to a Tighter & Lighter You

This transformative 4-week program aims to deliver lasting weight loss and wellness improvements by resetting your metabolism and sculpting lean muscle. Ideal for those seeking to build strength, gain confidence, and navigate confusing nutritional choices, this program provides the essential guidance needed to stay on track and achieve a tighter, lighter, and more energized version of yourself.

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