Beautiful Skin From The Inside Out

March 8, 2018

03 / 08 / 2018

Certain people have an inner glow that appears to radiate from their eyes, hair, and skin.  Compared to others, they shine with health, gleaming from some inner light source – and you want it too.  But how do you show your glow?

What is their “it” factor?  My friend and makeup celeb, Bobbi Brown, says “a blank canvas is the ultimate starting point for creating a beautiful face” and that canvas is created by “eating right and exercising.” A fan of the Eat Clean® lifestyle, Bobbi advocates clean living as an important component of beautiful skin.

Create your beautiful canvas with the help of these Be.better supplements from Rexall.

Rexall’s Be.better high-quality supplements use naturally derived ingredients, no gluten, and no synthetics, artificial colouring or dyes.  When the body doesn’t have to deal with these toxins, it’s easier to amp up your inner radiance.

Five Nutrients for Glowing Skin

Be.better Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil boasts high omega-3 fatty acid concentrations, which deliver anti-inflammatory properties to help keep skin taught and nourished, while boosting skin and hair luminosity.  Fish oil also naturally protects against the suns’ rays.  The bonus? Your brain will thrive on them too.

Be.better Coenzyme CoQ10 creates younger looking skin.  CoQ10 levels naturally decrease with age.  Most of us already have less than optimal levels of this powerful antioxidant by age 30!  This results in lower levels of elastin and collagen, natural plumping and tightening factors in the skin.  Supplementing with CoQ10 can help to offset wrinkling and sagging of aging skin.

Be.better Apple Cider Vinegar impacts numerous aspects of skin health.  It may be better to state what it can’t do! ACV can be used as an anti-bacterial treatment for acne-prone skin.  A solution made with equal parts water and ACV can be applied to the skin to cleanse, clear bacteria, tone and reduce and fade the look of pesky age spots. ACV supplements can balance skin pH, keeping it healthy and delaying the onset of fine lines and wrinkles.

Be.better Hair, Skin and Nails Formula is a general health supplement designed to boost hair, skin and nail health with ingredients including selenium, keratin and Vitamin E. Selenium works with this Vitamin to protect skin cells from free radicals, the molecules known to cause wrinkles. Your radiance factor will be undeniable. 

Be.better Bee Propolis.  Bee propolis was a favourite of the legendary Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. Her beauty reigns iconic even today. Further study of the benefits of Bee Propolis by Dr. Seema Patel at the University of San Diego, found that this waxy bee substance is a super-antioxidant containing over 300 active compounds that fight against cancer and protect skin health. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, this is an ideal supplement to boost skin radiance.

With an arsenal of beautifying nutrients at your fingertips, it is easier than ever to light up your gorgeous inner light.

Wishing you beauty and radiance!

Much love,

Rexall Wellness Ambassador

Tosca Reno

Tosca Reno

Author, columnist, motivational speaker, reality TV star, radio personality, consultant, mother and wife, Tosca Reno has been inspiring millions with the Eat Clean™️ Diet series and sharing the success she's had with weight loss and Clean Eating.

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