When the New Year arrives most of us feel a sense of promise about what the upcoming year will bring.  A brand-new year, like a blank canvas, invites us to think creatively about how we can show up in our lives, maybe a little differently, hopefully, a little more committed to our wellness goals than the old year. 

The New Year also provides an opportunity to commit or re-commit ourselves to the pursuit of wellness too.  This is why every gym is filled to capacity at 6:00 am on January 2nd.  The race to achieving our goals for the New Year has begun in earnest. 

The only trouble is, within weeks, a staggering 80% of us have already lost our way, veered off the Interstate, as it were.  The reason?  Lack of commitment.  And why we lack commitment almost always relates to our WHY.  In other words, if you don’t know why you are committing to a goal, there is no real motivation to achieve it. 

Think about it.  When Sir Edmund Hillary set his goal for climbing Mount Everest, he did not say, “I think I might try to climb the highest mountain in the world. Let me place the compass 1,000 miles to the right of that spot.”  He climbed the peak with absolute razor-sharp focus, driven by the desire to be the first man to do so.  With focus and determination, just like Hillary, we can achieve our wellness goals at this time or any other. 

Rexall and I invite you to fill your backpack with the tools that support your wellness goals.  These include supplements many that occur naturally but are in a concentrated format for you to gain maximum health benefits.  I have found that supplements, on my wellness journey, are like the benefits you experience when you upgrade your wheels from a bicycle to a car.  While you can get around on a bike, it’s awfully nice to get there faster and dry no matter what the weather conditions, in a car.

My New Year list of Must Have Supplements is as follows, and while you don’t need them all, its lovely to find a few that solve your particular wellness concerns. More calmness, strength, and virility are always welcome in this life, are they not?

Even better, you can find them all at your nearest Rexall store, where Rexall places particular emphasis on being your wellness destination. 

Let’s help you get set up.  Participate in Rexall’s giveaway – a $200 Rexall gift card for you to stock up on your fav products, an autographed copy of my Eat Clean Diet Workout Journal to track all your fitness progress, AND an autographed copy of The Start Here Diet book where I share my personal fitness and health journey and the three simple steps that helped me get on my wellness path…for life!

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Wishing you wellness and abundance for 2018!

Tosca Reno

Rexall Wellness Ambassador

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