By Melanie Kerr

How are you? I mean, really. Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath, and observe how you feel right now.

Scan your body slowly from top to bottom and notice all the things that are happening with every single part of you. Do you notice some things that have been bothering you for a while? 

Perhaps some aches and pains, maybe some digestive discomfort, or reminders of an old injury?

Maybe you’ve got a mild headache and realize, wait a minute… I kind of always have a headache, or a tummy ache, and now that I think of it, I feel exhausted — all. the. time.

Is there anything you’re noticing that seems to have crept up on you, such as some new muscle tension, a racing mind, negative self-talk, or maybe a sense of “oh my gosh, when did my tummy start spilling over the top of my pants like this?!”

Overall, how would you rate the way you feel in this moment, right now?

Not so great?

You’re not alone.

I recall the time, a few years ago, when I sat down and performed this little exercise on myself. It had been so long since I’d checked in on my own wellbeing that I was moved to tears by the realization of how generally unwell I felt. The busy years of putting myself at the bottom of my long list, and allowing myself to get perpetually bumped from it, had added up to a version of myself I barely recognized.

A part of me was almost ready to accept that maybe this was just the way it goes, the way we’re supposed to feel as we get older.

Thankfully, a bigger part of me was not at all ready to accept that, and I knew I had to take action right then and there.

The time to prioritize my health and happiness was long overdue, and I was ready to do what it took to regain my youthful spark.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, please know that there is a way back to feeling your best. In fact, in my case I had found the way back to feeling better than ever: Strike Sugar.

As a long-time follower of Tosca’s, I was well aware of the importance of eating clean, exercising, and taking care of my emotional and spiritual health, so when I first read about her Strike Sugar Program, I admit I wasn’t really sure I needed it. After all, I was living the Eat-Clean Lifestyle, so surely I was good on the sugar thing, right? 

Nonetheless, I was compelled to try it and, honestly, it was the absolute best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Determined to make the most of the experience, I dove into the protocol head-first, abandoning everything I thought I knew about what worked for my body. With an open mind and full trust in Tosca and the process, I quickly realized that — yes indeed — sugar in all of its sneaky forms had become an insidious force in my life.

Sound dramatic? It was.

As I started the Strike Sugar program, I was blown away by the changes that were happening in my body and mind from the very first day. Right away, I noticed a remarkable reduction in the puffiness and bloat I had grown used to seeing on myself. My tummy was shrinking, and my eyes were getting bigger and less heavy. (Good riddance, inflammation!)

Within a few more days, I noticed I had a much clearer head and more energy. Soon to follow were a bright, glowing complexion, softer skin and hair, a few perks in the bedroom (ahem, yep), and an overall sense of calm.

By the end of the 4 weeks, I was down 2 pant sizes and was loving how I felt and what I saw in the mirror.

Talk about a total transformation from the inside out!

From someone who was always hiding in her clothing (and covering up in photos… you know… the “using your kid or spouse or friend or ANYthing nearby to cover half your body” trick) — to someone who loves to get dressed up and feels great in her clothes. The truth is, when you start to feel better, you start to look better, and when you start to look better, you start to feel amazing, and before you know it, you’re caught in the best of all feedback loops.

Perhaps the most valuable thing I gained from trying this program — the program I “didn’t really think I needed” — was a renewed belief in myself and my ability to still feel and look my best.

It’s never too late to make incredible improvements to your wellbeing!

Whether you’re a complete sugar addict or just need some guidance and minor adjustments, striking sugar is one of the most simple and effective ways to achieve astounding results. This life is precious and YOU are precious and worth the effort it takes to experience it with the open heart that comes with complete wellness. It had been a while since I felt that way, and uncovering that feeling of being “precious” was one of the sweetest gifts I’d ever given myself.

As it turned out, doing what I thought I didn’t really need was what I needed more than anything.

If you’ve been intrigued by this program, anytime is a great time to give Strike Sugar a try. And, if you join the Clean Living Lifestyle Facebook group, you’ll find a whole group of new friends to share the experience right along with you.


The 4 week Strike Sugar™ program is your answer to lasting weight loss and wellness change.

Rid your body of the toxic results of sugar, restoring wellness and vitality, ridding you of unwanted pounds and making you feel the best you’ve ever felt.

Remove the hidden ingredients that have destroyed your wellness.

Strike Sugar™ for health and for life.

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