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Tosca is also a regular contributor to Clean Eating and Oxygen magazines, and has been on the cover of the latter an impressive eight times.


When she isn’t in front of the camera, Tosca is spreading her personal brand of inspiration through fitness and motivational seminars at conventions, businesses, charity events and women’s groups across North America. She was recently chosen as the Canadian Liver Foundation’s recipient of the LiveRight Award.

Her mission to inspire change continues on her brand new website. Welcome to the new Eat Clean home – a collaborative community where people bring to light their own challenges and share their personal triumphs, hopes and solutions. Tosca will embrace your unique identity, encourage you to share helpful content with one another, engage in meaningful discussions, and enlist you to participate in a lifestyle that is as healthy as it is enriching. Being part of Team Tosca means leading by example and the truth is Eating Clean isn’t a fad – it’s a lifetime commitment.

She will relate to you as a woman, a mother, a sister, a friend. She will motivate you to transform your life, because she was once you. Together, you’ll connect for life. Together, you’ll live the eat-clean life.


Meet the Eat-Clean Ambassadors

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