Have you ever wanted to peek inside my cupboards and find out what I really eat day to day?

Well, it’s your lucky day! I recently did a live video tour of my pantry to give you a behind the scenes glimpse in case you’ve always wondered but were afraid to ask.

In this tour I’m sharing:

  • What’s in my pantry
  • The Eat Clean foods that are staples in my diet
  • And how I put them all together for a delicious, balanced meal

If you want the full list of what I always try to have in my pantry you can check out this past blog I wrote back in December, who knew I was so ahead of the times? It has a detailed list of pantry items I suggest you have on hand in case of emergency, or really any time.

I hope you enjoy the tour! Please comment below and let me know what are the Eat Clean staples in your pantry?