The Perfect Way to Finish Strong

EXCLUSIVE limited-time 3-week group coaching!

You know the power and the wins and accomplishments that are possible through group coaching…

Your transformation could continue by continuing to work with me for another three weeks.

I have never offered this format before. I have never done this before. BUT you are on fire, and I want to see the fantastic results coming!

Bathing suit and skin season is upon us. Let’s keep the momentum going. In this 3-week coaching period, you can easily lose another 10-12 or more pounds… and plenty of inches too.

Tosca by the ocean on a rock
Tosca smiling at the beach

The question is, how? The answer is: with me!

I’m offering another three weeks of working with me in the same format you know and love. 

Meetings will be twice a week for one hour each on Zoom.

I will run you through a brief lesson and Q&A.

Then follow up with a workout (everything will be recorded so you would have the workouts forever).

Space is very limited.

The investment is only $749 and paid securely through Stripe.

I hope to see you there. Be prepared to celebrate.