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You have an opportunity now to be successful against not only this virus but many other unseen viruses yet to come.  My driving force now is to help you be on the side of preparedness.  You built and supported your immune system over time.  Never has there been a more critical time to nourish yourself with clean nutrition, clean information.

My contribution to these uncertain times is to make my programs as affordable as I can so that the information can reach you.  Take advantage of these resources to help you build a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

Hi Friend!  Tosca Here!

I’m excited to deliver a host of Home Workouts, Eat Clean Cooking Classes and Live Meditations and Journaling sessions during this time of self-distancing and physical isolation.

My hope is that these classes help you stay connected to the 3 E’s of Wellness (Eating Clean, Exercise and Emotional Self-care) during this time of uncertainty in our world. I believe that these are important every day…but more important now than ever.

You can also follow along live with me on Facebook and Instagram and if you are posting your at home workouts, Eat Clean recipes or how you are taking care of your emotional well-being be sure to tag me (@toscareno) so I can see what you are up to and give you a virtual shout out!

Free Online Community

Connection is a core human need and SO important for managing stress (which is a big immune suppressant!) so if you are needing support and community, my Clean Living Lifestyle Group is a great place to find it. Join us here.

Free Resources

I’m not merely ‘surviving’ through this change of life, I’m THRIVING.  Since starting the Strike Sugar Challenge, four weeks ago, I sleep better, I wake up feeling energized, jeans that were too tight, now slide on easily and need a belt to hold them up.  More importantly, I feel like every cell in my body feels turbo charged! This is the feeling I’ve been missing! These food choices are so easy to make, when the results are the feelings of being vital and vibrant.

Carolyn Channell

As someone who just completed the FitCommit 4 week challenge, I can tell you that this is worth every penny.  Ladies, as someone who just completed the FitCommit 4 week challenge, I can tell you that this is worth every penny. How much would you spend on going to the gym? The things I learned from the 4 week program could not be learned by just going to a gym. You learn tons from Tosca and her team – it’s like having your own personal trainer – and from others doing the program alongside you. The recipes are terrific. This is not like other programs that just tell you “eat this much protein, this many carbs” – it gives much more direction than that. I learned tons. Would highly recommend it.

Marlene P.

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