Workout Programs

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You’re ready to work out, but what’s your plan? The right structure makes the difference between random, exhausting exercise and steady, satisfying progress that achieves long-term success.

I’ve developed the following programs to help you identify, target, and reach your fitness goals. Find your ideal program below and start today!

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22 in 22 Fat Meltdown Challenge

Shape-Shift Your Body & Mind

A comprehensive, no-equipment 22 day fitness challenge designed to accelerate fat burning, sculpt your body, and transform your mindset. Alongside a fresh perspective on nutrition, this program empowers you to confidently elevate your fitness, embrace a healthier lifestyle, and feel more comfortable in your own skin. As a result, your body will better reflect your best self, and you’ll appreciate your improved shape even more.

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4 Life-Changing & Body-Altering Weeks to a Tighter & Lighter You

This transformative 4-week program aims to deliver lasting weight loss and wellness improvements by resetting your metabolism and sculpting lean muscle. Ideal for those seeking to build strength, gain confidence, and navigate confusing nutritional choices, this program provides the essential guidance needed to stay on track and achieve a tighter, lighter, and more energized version of yourself.

Why I Created this Guide

Knowing how to work out effectively can be tricky at any age, but especially when your body and its needs are changing. As someone whose fitness career didn’t start until I was in my early 40s, nobody knows that better than me.

I created these programs to make it easier for you to learn what I often learned the hard way, and to help stay on track to reach your goals. With my help, I’m confident that you’ll be able to find the right workout plan and commit to it fully.