Everyday household objects can become fitness equipment. Soup cans, water jugs, even back backs filled with books!

  • I’m sharing a few home fitness tips and showing you how you can get your sweat on with whatever you have lying around the house.
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  • I’ve done all the work, planned your workouts AND meals so you don’t have to think about a thing.

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Recipe For A Challenging At Home Workout – No Equipment Needed.


2 x evenly sized jars of tomato sauce
1 x 4L or 1-gallon water jugs with a handle
1 x Backpack filled with books, rocks, stones (haha)

I love to work out.  I want to do it. And I do!
Not everyone loves it though. I get it.
I figure this is only a problem because you’ve got a long list of distractions:

I can’t!
I’m too old!
I’m tired!
The next episode of Tiger King is on Netflix …
I haven’t finished my bag of chips yet …
I can’t afford a gym membership.
I have no equipment.

No gym. No problem. It’s all a matter of mindset! 

Here’s a piece of advice, not wrapped up in a bow! Develop a growth mindset. 

Do this by digging into the reasons why exercise matters, now more than ever.

Reason #1 ought to be TO SUPPORT ROBUST HEALTH AND IMMUNITY.  (Capitalized for your benefit).  If you’ve learned anything over the course of this virus, it’s that those with compromised systems have a much harder time of recovering and sometimes don’t make it. 

If you want to be immune strong, you’ve got to exercise.

Part of that is understanding the difference between a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset. IF you have a Fixed Mindset you will only focus on the pain of working out and the effort that it takes to get off the couch. You think of the end result instead of the journey.  You judge yourself, looking for perfection right away. Everything about exercise is a grind.  

A Growth Mindset is one where you focus on the results, the learning, the journey.  You relish in discovering your weaknesses and learning how to overcome them.  You revel in learning that even pain is positive because it teaches you about your body and your level of fitness.  You thrill at watching your progress. You’re not focused on the end result.

So … grab your gallon water jug, your matching tomato sauce jars, and your backpack filled with books and get moving.  Here’s my YouTube video that shows how to work with these ordinary kitchen item ingredients creating a recipe for fitness.

Movement is medicine. Open up and take a spoonful now!

Wishing you a fab sweat session!

Much love,