Does your Easter celebration include a basketful of sweet treats loaded with sugar? I am thinking of the most popular pastel coloured eggs, or marshmallow based Peeps.  The mind boggles at the variety and the weight of sugar! And what exactly is used to colour those Peeps??

Or does your preference align with the early offerings of spring – crisp and tangy rhubarb, maple syrup tapped from awakening maple trees, zippy radishes, asparagus, ramps and early strawberries? I can hardly wait to savour these long awaited delights after a long, starchy winter.

Let’s put a healthy spin on Easter and enjoy some of the more traditional Easter brunch fare without the questionable ingredients.

Here is an Easter Brunch Menu (see the big button below!!!) for you and your family to enjoy.  Filled with “in season” ingredients, natural and healthful produce and the love I always give to creating Eat Clean® recipes, you are sure to enjoy this no fuss, delicious menu. The colours are gorgeous – the earth is bountiful – the flavours divine.

Remember to take the time to savour moments and memories with your family.  For many, Easter is a both most solemn and the most celebrated time of year.  Remember the lessons of those who have gone before us.

Even if your spirituality lies in other directions, take some time to practice gratitude for all you have.  Every day is a gift. Every moment is a gum drop from heaven. Each memory is a diamond treasure.

With great love and joy for sharing this time with you,

I wish you a Happy Easter.